High-Speed/High-Sensitivity Cameras

Zoom Extraction System

Extracting desired 4K image areas to capture the action for HD replays is a smart new way to take advantage of shooting in 4K. Now FOR-A offers an original solution.

Flicker Corrector

Suppresses flicker from high speed cameras and certain types of lighting conditions.

HD Variable Frame Rate Camera

Compact, lightweight and configured as an all-in-one self-contained unit, the VFC-7000 is an easy to operate variable frame rate camera that is capable of high-speed HD recordings.

Ultra High Sensitivity HD Digital Camera
FZ-B3 (Flovel)

Camera’s 3 HbCMOS Color Sensor Offers Supreme Color Fidelity, Reduced Noise, and Enhanced Sensitivity

Ultra High Sensitivity HD Digital Camera
FZ-B1 (Flovel)

1600 times more sensitive than normal camera!